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Several young women are homeless and despaired. They need decent shelter and careers to pursue; they are unable to reach these goals on their own. Some of these young women have unfortunately been left at the mercy of individuals who are unrestrained from taking undue advantage of them.

Mission: The foundation help, empower and transform young homeless women between the ages of 15 to 25 years to become well established and self-dependent.

Organization This organization is legally registered as a not for profit organization in Canada and Ghana

  • Job search –The foundation helps the young women prepare their resumes and cover letters in addition to collaborating with employment agencies to aid these young homeless women to search and secure jobs.
  • Skilled trade – The foundation partners with skilled trade employers to help the young homeless women learn a trade such as sewing, hair dressing, pottery, weaving and many more.
  • Affordable accommodation – The foundation researches to identify decent and affordable housing facility for young women. This role includes working with accommodation agencies to identify conducive housing for young homeless women.
  • Food and clothing – The foundation distributes free food and clothing to young homeless women
  • Medical services – The foundation partners with medical personnel, clinics and hospitals to provide various health services to ensure the medical well-being of young homes women

PARTNERS: Communities and other charities organisations
LONG TERM VISION: Build women empowerment centres across the world